Research indicates that training is a critical step for mentoring programs to enhance the quality and sustainability of mentoring relationships. MENTOR Virginia provides training to anyone who is preparing to begin a new mentoring relationship, or just wants to expand their knowledge of youth development topics as they relate to youth mentoring.

New Mentor Training

New Mentor Training is an in-person, 2.5 hour workshop session that allows new mentors from mentoring programs throughout the state to review techniques and frameworks to help prepare them to be the most effective mentors possible. MENTOR Virginia utilizes a specialized curriculum for New Mentor Trainings that combines the latest research in mentoring and youth development best practices.

Participants in a New Mentor Training will gain a solid understanding of: 

  • A mentor’s role in a young person’s life
  • Relationship-building techniques and stages of relationship development
  • Communicating and setting boundaries with young people 
  • Positive youth development and trauma-informed practices in mentoring

MENTOR Virginia offers New Mentor Training sessions that are open to the public once or twice each month. All public trainings are held at our Richmond office (4900 Augusta Avenue, Suite 140, Richmond, VA 23230), and cost $30 per person.

Register for an Upcoming New Mentor Training:

To learn more about our public New Mentor trainings, see our Public Training FAQs page.

Meet MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor Training Team

All of MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor trainers are highly-skilled facilitators with many years of experience in the field of youth mentoring. Learn more about them by clicking the photos below, or visiting our Staff page.

Natalie Foster

Dwayne Bennett

Tammie Mobley