To help us better meet the needs of our network of mentoring programs across Virginia, we’ve launched the first ever statewide survey designed to measure the prevalance of e-mentoring. This time last year, only a handful of programs in our state were using e-mentoring as their primary program model. We are expecting over 100 programs to be providing e-mentoring or a hybrid of e-mentoring and in-person mentoring as their primary program model by end of 2020. That’s a massive shift! We are collecting data to help us identify just how big this shift is and what it’s looking like for programs around the state. If you are a mentoring program, please take this brief survey by August 7th!


We will be sharing the data we collect from this statewide survey with Virginia’s mentoring field, and will be using the data to better align and adapt our services to meet current needs.


To show our appreciation for time spent on this survey, we will email any program that takes the survey an E-Mentoring Program Planning Worksheet with step-by-step guidance on how to launch an e-mentoring program. This new resource is rooted in best practices and is organized as a checklist designed to help programs make the switch to virtual mentoring this fall.