Public Training

If you have questions about our public trainings, we have answers! View our Public Training FAQs below, and if you find that your question has not been answered, please contact our office at 804-828-1536.

Public Training FAQs

Do you have to be a mentor to attend New Mentor Training?

No. While many participants have already signed up to begin a volunteer experience with a mentoring program, many others attend because they want to learn more about what it might mean to become a mentor. If you are looking to get involved in a program after the training, we can certainly refer you to one of our great program partners! We also welcome staff members of youth-serving programs exploring professional development or skill building opportunities for staff or volunteers. We welcome everyone!

If I complete New Mentor Training, can I receive a certification?

Following training, MENTOR Virginia can provide certificates of completion upon request. Some employers request these as supporting documentation for professional development goals. MENTOR Virginia is a nonprofit agency and does not issue any kind of formal government-sponsored certification.

If I register for training but have to cancel, can I get a refund?

To inquire about getting a refund for a training you’ve registered for, please call our office at 804-828-1536. Refunds for cancelled registrations will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

If I have a promo code for Eventbrite, how do I use it?

When you register for an upcoming training through Eventbrite, there will be a “Enter promo code” button that appears at the top of the form where you are selecting how many tickets you want to purchase. By clicking on that button, you can enter your promo code. Once you’ve added the promo code, you can proceed to the checkout. If you have trouble registering, call our office at 804-828-1536.

What will happen if too few people register for a training?

MENTOR Virginia requires a minimum of 5 participants at every public training we host. If too few people register for a training by 1:00 pm on the day prior to a training, MENTOR Virginia may decide to cancel the training. If this happens, all registered participants will be notified, refunded, and given priority registration for other upcoming training dates.

Does MENTOR Virginia ever host public trainings in other regions of Virginia?

No. MENTOR Virginia only provides public trainings in our Richmond office at this time. If you are an organization seeking to have a group of mentors trained, you may want to consider our private training offerings, especially if your mentors live far away from Richmond. With private trainings, MENTOR Virginia will travel to you to provide a private training session. To learn more, see our Training page, or contact Natalie at

Can I share the New Mentor Handbook I received at training with others?

MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor Handbook is a companion manual to the New Mentor Training curriculum that MENTOR Virginia designed and uses in the facilitation of New Mentor Trainings. This handbook should not be copied, duplicated, and/or used for training purposes by other organizations without permission from MENTOR Virginia. This handbook does not constitute a facilitator’s guide to the delivery of MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor Training curriculum, and the delivery of MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor Training curriculum should not be attempted by outside organizations without permission from MENTOR Virginia. For questions about appropriate uses of this handbook or MENTOR Virginia’s New Mentor Training curriculum, email

Why do mentors need training?

Mentor training is considered a best practice for youth mentoring programs because it improves the quality and duration of mentoring relationships, ultimately leading to better outcomes for youth. Mentors who complete mentor training before they begin their mentoring relationship report higher levels of closeness with their mentees, spend more time with their mentees, and are more likely to continue their mentoring relationship for more than one year. Mentor training can help mentors go into new mentoring relationships with the mindsets and skills needed to successfully navigate relationship development and the challenges that can occur in mentoring relationships.

Where can I find more resources for mentors?

Some great resources to start with can be found right here!

 Mentors can find many valuable resources and guides online, too. A great place to start is MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s website, under the tab “Program Resources” and “MENTOR Resources and Publications.” Another excellent place to visit is the National Mentoring Resource Center’s website, under the tab “Learning Hub.” If you are seeking a specific resource and need help finding it, email Sarah at for assistance.

Does MENTOR Virginia offer online trainings?

All of MENTOR Virginia’s trainings are optimized for in-person delivery, and this is especially true of our New Mentor Training curriculum, which is activity-based. However, if someone who lives more than 50 miles away wants to participate in one of our public trainings at our Richmond office but is not able to make the trip in-person, MENTOR Virginia may be able to provide a platform for the individual to attend the training virtually through a video-chatting software. To inquire about virtually attending one of our public trainings, please reach out to with at least two week’s notice prior to the training you wish to attend.

For more information about all of our training options, including private trainings, visit our Training page.