Private Training

If you have questions about our private training options, we have answers! View our Private Training FAQs below, and if you find that your question has not been answered, please contact our office at 804-828-1536 or email Natalie at

Private Training FAQs

What topics will you cover during my private training? Can we make content requests?

The topics we cover in our private trainings depend on your needs and are customizable. If you are seeking a New Mentor Training, then we will utilize our New Mentor Training curriculum to cover relationship-building techniques, defining a mentor’s role, communication techniques, setting healthy boundaries, positive youth development, and trauma-informed mentoring. If there are additional topics you would like us to cover, we can customize our training for you. If you are seeking a training on other topics (listed below and on our Training page) then we can cover anything that you request. To discuss customization options for a private training, contact Natalie at

How many weeks prior to our preferred private training date do we need to schedule with MENTOR Virginia?

Ideally, MENTOR Virginia needs at least 3 weeks to prepare for a private training, especially if the content will be customized to meet your training needs. The earlier you contact us with your preferred training date, the more likely we are going to be available to host a private training for you on that day. To schedule your private training, call us at 804-828-1536 or email Natalie at

How long will my private training last?

It depends on your training needs and requests. For a New Mentor Training, we can modify our curriculum to fit within a 2-3 hour window, with 2.5 hours being our typical length. New Mentor Trainings of less than 2 hours are not recommended in order to preserve the quality of content. Specialized trainings or workshops on other topics can last anywhere from 1-3 hours. We can work with you to ensure the length of training we offer meets your needs.

How many people can I have at my training? Is there a minimum/maximum?

MENTOR Virginia has experience training groups as small as 3 and as large as 120. Because we host trainings that are activity- and discussion-based, trainings are most successful when there are enough participants to engage and share in those activities and structured discussions. We often recommend a “sweet spot” of 20-25 participants to maximize engagement, but we can train more or fewer people based on your needs.

What other topics do you provide training on in addition to your New Mentor Training? Who is the intended audience for these other training topics?

MENTOR Virginia offers trainings for many audiences and with many goals in mind. For mentors, MENTOR Virginia can provide additional trainings on topics like a deep-dive into relationship-building or boundary-setting, trauma-informed mentoring, working with specific populations (LGBTQ+, Refugees, Youth of Color, Youth Impacted by Opioids, etc.), STEM or STEAM mentoring, and more. 

For mentoring program staff, MENTOR Virginia can provide trainings on any of the above-listed topics as well as the Elements of Effective Practice and E-Mentoring. For universities, corporations, or other organizations that are working with older youth (ages 16-24), MENTOR Virginia can provide a training called Connect, Focus, Grow, which is designed to help young people, mentors, and managers deepen their relationships and work together successfully. 

For mentees, MENTOR Virginia can offer a New Mentee Training that is a sister training to the New Mentor Training. This training can be customized for any age group or population. Don’t see a training topic you are looking for? Talk to Natalie at to see how we can meet your training needs.

What if I’m having trouble getting my training participants coordinated for the same training date?

If getting everyone together on the same date for a private New Mentor Training is not possible, you may consider sending your mentors to MENTOR Virginia’s general public New Mentor Training sessions, offered 1-2 times per month. This would allow mentors to select a training date that works best for them. MENTOR Virginia partners with several mentoring programs that send their mentors to our public New Mentor Trainings on a rolling basis throughout the year. At this time, no other training topics except New Mentor Training are offered in a public training format. Call us at 804-828-1536 to discuss scheduling options to meet your training needs.

My program is located in _________. Will you really travel to us?

Yes, we will come to you! We travel all over the Commonwealth to provide trainings to our partners. Please keep in mind that mileage rates apply when travel is required outside of a 30 mile radius from our office at the federal rate of 58 cents per mile. The travel costs will be added to the base price of the private training, which is $350 for nonprofits, $400 for universities and government agencies, and $500 for corporate partners.

Can I make a request for who will be the trainer at my private training?

We love when our partners bond with our training team! Specific trainers can certainly be requested and we will make every effort to accommodate requests depending on availability, but MENTOR Virginia reserves the right to assign trainers based on best fit and trainer availability.  All trainers have many years of experience with youth development, coordinating youth programming, training mentors, and serving as mentors. To learn more about our training team, please see our Staff page!

Can I take a “Level 2.0” training before I’ve taken a training from MENTOR Virginia’s “Level 1.0” offerings?

We highly recommend that all our adult training participants start off with New Mentor Training, especially if they are new to mentoring or about to start a brand new mentoring relationship. Our 2.0 trainings are designed to build off the fundamentals that are introduced in New Mentor Training. You may not get as much out of these 2.0 trainings if you don’t have a solid knowledge about the fundamentals of mentoring relationship development that are covered in New Mentor Training. 

Still, we want all of our trainings to be accessible to those who wish to participate. If you or others in your group haven’t completed New Mentor Training but you all want to host a private training on a 2.0 topic, talk with a MENTOR Virginia staff member. We can customize our training to make sure we meet your needs.

Does MENTOR Virginia offer online trainings?

All of MENTOR Virginia’s trainings are optimized for in-person delivery. However, if an organization that has contracted with us to provide a private training has a few participants who won’t be able to attend the training in-person, MENTOR Virginia will be happy to welcome these participants to the training through a virtual platform so long as the hosting organization manages all the required technology. Organizations that contract with MENTOR Virginia to receive training on the Connect Focus Grow curriculum will have an opportunity to access online training modules designed to supplement the in-person training.

How much does a private training session cost?

Standard private trainings range from $350 to $1,000.  If you require customization of an existing program, additional fees will apply. 

To further discuss your training needs and figure out the total cost of a private training session please contact Natalie at

For more information about all of our training options, including public trainings, visit our Training page.