Mentoring Connector

If you have questions about joining or maintaining your Mentoring Connector account, we have answers! View our Mentoring Connector FAQs below, and if you find that your question has not been answered, please contact our office at 804-828-1536 or email Sarah at

Mentoring Connector FAQs

How do I submit my mentoring program to be on Mentoring Connector?

Follow the steps below when submitting your mentoring program to Mentoring Connector:

  • Go to
  • Click the “Add a New Program” button below the login fields (do not enter your email address or a password).
  • When the system asks “Do you already have Program Administrator login credentials?,” say No.
  • Enter the requested information for your mentoring program. Remember that what you enter in the “Program Description” and “Mentor Description” fields will be visible to anyone searching for programs through the system, so use clear and informative language. 
  • Click “Submit” when finished. Before being listed on Mentoring Connector, your program will have to be approved.

What resources are there that can help me learn how to use Mentoring Connector?

MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership, who manages the Mentoring Connector database nationwide, has numerous resources available on their website including:

If you find that you still have questions, contact Sarah at

Can I receive training on how to use the Mentoring Connector?

Yes! In addition to the training videos that are included above and on MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s website, all programs or program administrators that are new to the Mentoring Connector can receive onboarding over the phone from Sarah at MENTOR Virginia. To request onboarding, contact Sarah at

What is expected of me as my program’s administrator for Mentoring Connector?

First and foremost, all mentoring programs listed on Mentoring Connector are expected to respond to volunteer inquiries in a timely manner (ideally within two business days). In addition to responding to all volunteers quickly, program administrators are also expected to keep their profiles updated in Mentoring Connector and to ensure that the program’s contact information remains accurate. When your mentoring program receives emails from a staff member at MENTOR Virginia concerning your Mentoring Connector account, our hope is that programs will respond quickly and take the needed action to ensure that Mentoring Connector continues to be an up-to-date database of all active mentoring programs in Virginia.

How often do I need to update my program’s profile on Mentoring Connector?

Please plan on updating your Mentoring Connector profile any time something changes with your program or your staffing structure. You want your profile to be as accurate as possible so that you recruit volunteers who are a good fit. Likewise, if the person who is listed as the program administrator for Mentoring Connector leaves your organization and their contact information isn’t updated, you may stop getting emails from Mentoring Connector altogether, and that could result in your program being suspended (which means it would no longer be listed as an active mentoring program that can receive volunteer inquiries or referrals).

How quickly do I need to respond to volunteers who inquire about my program through Mentoring Connector?

Ideally, mentoring programs should be responding to volunteers who inquire through Mentoring Connector within 48 hours, or two business days. Sometimes this is not possible, but programs are expected to make an effort to respond to all volunteer inquiries in a timely manner. Not responding in a timely manner could result in your program being suspended on Mentoring Connector.

What will happen if I don’t respond to volunteers who inquire to my program through Mentoring Connector?

MENTOR Virginia is notified when mentoring programs are not responding to their volunteer inquiries at all, or in a timely manner. MENTOR Virginia will attempt to make contact with unresponsive programs to ensure that the program administrator is aware of their account’s status and to offer training/support as needed. If MENTOR Virginia can’t make contact with a program after several attempts or the program continues to be unresponsive to volunteers even after speaking with MENTOR Virginia staff, the program may be suspended in Mentoring Connector, meaning it will no longer show up in searches that volunteers make. It also means that MENTOR Virginia will no longer be able to make referrals to the program to volunteers or potential youth participants.

What will happen to my Mentoring Connector account if the registered program administrator leaves and we longer get any emails from or about the Mentoring Connector?

If the person who is serving as program administrator for Mentoring Connector leaves your organization, it’s imperative to update the program administrator contact information. Mentoring Connector emails will continue to go to that person’s email account, which programs may or may not continue to have access to. If a program stops receiving emails, it also typically means they will stop responding to volunteer inquiries, which can result in being suspended on Mentoring Connector.

My program was denied from being listed on Mentoring Connector. Why?

All mentoring programs must meet specific criteria before they can be listed as an active mentoring program on Mentoring Connector. These criteria are in place to ensure that programs listed on Mentoring Connector are high-quality. This ensures that all volunteers who are recruited through the Mentoring Connector have the opportunity to volunteer with high-quality programs, and that MENTOR Virginia does not make referrals to any mentoring programs that are not aligned with best practice standards in accordance with the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring. MENTOR Virginia can “approve” programs that are denied at first after the program has made quality improvements to their mentoring program.

For more information about Mentoring Connector, please visting MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership’s website or email Sarah at