Core Functions

MENTOR Virginia operates as a statewide 501(c)3 organization that serves Virginia’s mentoring field in the following four ways:

I. Program Development & Capacity Building

MENTOR Virginia supports the development of new mentoring programs in areas of high need, interest and capacity.  Services include:

  • Providing training and technical assistance (TA) on how to start a mentoring program using the Elements of Effective Practice
  • Mapping areas of high need, interest and capacity for mentoring programs
  • Fostering the development of partnerships with school districts, public and private partners, and volunteer groups

MENTOR Virginia builds the capacity of existing mentoring programs. Services include:

  • Placing full-time AmeriCorps VISTA members in mentoring programs around the state
  • Providing a continuous improvement process for mentoring programs through the National Quality Mentoring System (NQMS)
  • Providing training to mentors, mentees, youth development professionals, and program staff
  • Providing consultation to program staff on how to manage, operate and evaluate a mentoring program through technical assistance (TA)

II. Stakeholder Engagement

MENTOR Virginia engages a wide variety of public and private stakeholders to increase both the number of volunteer mentors as well as financial resources (both in-kind and direct) for the local mentoring field. Services include:

  • Referrals of potential volunteers and parents/guardians seeking a mentor for their child through statewide administration of the Mentoring Connector
  • Regional convenings that bring mentoring program staff together from across the state in a community of practice 
  • Hosting events that recognize outstanding mentors, stakeholders, and quality partners and build awareness of the mentoring field

III. Data Collection & Knowledge Management

MENTOR Virginia collects data on a regular basis on the prevalence and quality of mentoring to describe the impact of mentoring in the broader community and identify gaps in the range of services needed. Services include:

  • Maintaining the list of active mentoring programs in Virginia
  • Conducting and publishing the State of Mentoring in Virginia survey
  • Maintaining a bank of resources and research available for mentor, mentee, program staff, and stakeholder referral

IV. Public Awareness & Advocacy

MENTOR Virginia expands public and private investment in mentoring by positioning mentoring as a key positive youth development strategy and through advocating for supportive mentoring policies. Services include:

  • Participating in National Mentoring Month media campaign & regularly communicating with stakeholders through e-newsletters, social media, website, and special events
  • Mobilizing our network around federal and state advocacy efforts for mentoring
  • Serving as the voice for Virginia’s mentoring programs as the statewide affiliate of the national MENTOR network