Workforce Development

Connect Focus Grow Training

This training is appropriate for mentors, supervisors, and young adults ages 14-24

Connect Focus Grow is a specialized training for mentors, young adults, and supervisors to ensure youth have access to a web of support from caring adults and can form positive relationships in the workplace. Throughout the country, this training has been used with major corporations such as Taco Bell and Starbucks to help retain entry level employees and empower young adults to advocate for themselves.  

Young adults learn to focus on what they need to grow both personally and professionally. Supervisors learn how to use a “mentoring mindset” to build trust with youth while managing them as employees. Mentors help youth build their web of mentoring relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Some of the topics covered include: conversation starters, setting goals, ladder of inference, giving feedback, developmental relationships framework, checklist for one-on-ones, breaking down unconscious bias, active listening, networking, storytelling with purpose, and navigating changing circumstances.

Connect Focus Grow is only offered as a private training. To learn more about private trainings with MENTOR Virginia, view our Private Training FAQs page. To book a private Connect Focus Grow training, email Natalie at

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